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Vintage Sewing Trims & Lace

You can click the small photos for a larger view. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Swatches are available for most trims, just ask.

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sewing trims

You can state the number of yards you want after you add the trim to your shopping cart.

See the descriptions for the number of yards available for each trim.
Karen's Stereo - '70s braid trim

Karen's Stereo Trim

Brighly colored, this cool '70s trim features green and blue on a white braid. The braid itself measures 5/8" inch wide, and the overall width is about 1 3/8."

Day Tripper - 1960s braid trim

Day Tripper Wide Braid Trim - Red

Incredible four-color vibrance in this big 3-inch-wide braid trim, dating from the 1960s / 1970s. Edged in waves of green and yellow, swirls of yellow & green cascade down a red background centered with a bold stripe of blue.

Hard to find trim of this vintage in this width, but here it is! Would make a terrific guitar strap.

3 yards, 20 inches available; all for $19.
(There's a seam at the 2 yard, 21 inch point which is fairly inconspicuous from the front. Done by manufacturer at time of production.)

Jana Trim -braid trim

Jana Braid Trim

This sunny trim is lime green with a light, bright, orange blue, light brown, and white. Dates 1960s / 1970s.

This is a rather loose braid trim; you can easily see through the center.

Measures 1 1/4" inch wide. 16 yards available (12 in one length, 4 in another), at $5yard.

Josepha Trim - 1940s braid trim

Josepha Braid Trim

Here's a lovely, bright braid trim in white, red & green with an accent of yellow. The colored threads are shiny.

This trim likely dates from the 40s.

Trim measures 1 5/8" inches wide. 8 yards available. $7yard.

Janine Trim - 1940s braid trim

Janine Braid Trim

A pretty, delicate off-white and blue braid trim, dating from the 1940s.

It measures 3/4" inch wide. 2 yards, 6 inches available; $8 for all.