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Vintage Millinery and Crafting Ribbons

These ribbons weren't made for sewing, but rather millinery, for crafts or gifts.

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millinery trim

Though many of the ribbons we sell can be used for millinery (especially see our grosgrain ribbon page), these straw trims were made expressly for that purpose.
Black Hat Millinery Trim / Straw

Shiny Black Woven Millinery Trim

This is a very old, finely woven millinery trim, made of a shiny black synthetic material, measuring 1 inch wide. It reflects the light so beautifully!

5 yards available at $8.00/yard, or $39 for all 5 yards, 25 inches.

Purchase 1-yard lengths:
Purchase the full 8-yard spool. (1 available):
Blue Hat Millinery Trim / Straw

Blue Hat Trim

This is woven millinery trim, coated in blue. The package originally contained 10 yards, of which about 8 remain. It is quite old, probably 1910s-1930s.

Available at $6.50/yard, or $48 for the entire package.

Purchase 1-yard lengths (8 available):
Purchase the full 8-yard spool. (1 available):

craft ribbon

These ribbons have a cut or fused edge, rather than the woven edge you'll find on sewing trims & ribbons, and tend to be stiffer. They are beautiful and unusual.

You can state the number of yards you want after you add the trim to your shopping cart.

See the descriptions for the number of yards available for each trim.
Pot-Tie Ribbon - Yellow

Pot Tie Wide Yellow Ribbon

This pretty sheer ribbon is 1 3/4" inch wide and features 4 wide stripes of yellow, each edged in white.

There are 13+ yards still on the original spool, which says it's "All Rayon, Dupe-Cut Edge." Made in U.S.A.

The 13 yard spool is yours for $8.00.

Brown Floral Acetate Ribbon

Brown Floral Acetate Ribbon

This stiff ribbon has a cut floral design. It's "fused edge acetate, cut edge, water repellent." I haven't tested the water repellent part. But it's very pretty, and unusual, trim.

It's 5/8 inches wide. 17 yards available. $1.50/yard.