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Vintage Household Items & Decor

You can click the small photos for a larger view. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Large Clothes Brush - Turned / Treen

Large Treen Clothes Brush

This handsome antique clothes brush is turned wood. I believe the rather stiff bristles are chestnut colored horsehair. The quality is apparent. As always, please click the small photo at left for larger views.

It is 11 1/2" inches long, and approximately 2 1/2" inches in diameter. Has a rich, warm patina to it. In lovely condition. $35.00

Small Clothes Brush - Turned / Treen

Ornately Turned Treen Clothes Brush

The light-colored wood of this old clothing brush has a nice patina and has been turned so beautifully. The soft bristles are a blond color.

Though beautifully made, this brush has a crack on each side, and a missing plug adjacent to one of the cracks. As always, please click the small photo at left for larger views.

It measures approximately 9" inches long, and about 1 1/2" inches in diameter. $12.00

Nosegay Tobacco Tin

Nosegay Tobacco Tin

This charming little tin was made in England, and originally held 2 oz. of tobacco. The top bears a banner that says "Nosegay," surrounded by ribbons & flowers, and the word "Special." The tin is printed in white, red, and gold.

Shows some rust, and is quite worn inside and out. On the side of the lid, is printed "W. & F. Faulkner," the manufacturer.

Whaler Charles R. Morgan - Embroidery

This piece of embroidery shows the legendary whaling ship, Charles W. Morgan. It is embroidered on very light brown colored cloth, in brown, red, yellow, white, and blue. A cartouche in the upper left corner, meant to look like a parchment scroll, reads "Whaler Charles W. Morgan, 1841-1921." If you look closely, you'll see a spouting whale in the bottom left corner!

I don't know the age of this piece; it came to me with a large lot of early 20th century sewing things. Most of those items dated from the 1910s- early 1950s. It is in beautiful condition; I found no condition issues.

It measures approximately 13 inches wide by 11 inches tall. It would look great framed, or made into a pillow.

Set of 4 Napkin Rings Embellished with Embroidered Trim

Set of 4 Napkin Rings Embellished with Embroidered Trim

These napkin rings date from the late 60s / 70s; they're embellished with an embroidered trim. Each ring features the same trim design, in a a different color. They measure about 1 11/16" in diameter, with about a 1 1/4" inch opening, and are approximately 1 3/8" inch wide.

In good vintage condition showing light usage wear. All for for $15.