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Vintage and Antique Sewing Baskets, Boxes, & Bags

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Vintage Sewing Bag

Vintage Purple & Floral Sewing Bag

Oh, what wonderful things this bag must have held! It is just 4 inches tall, and about 4 1/2" inches in diameter. It is made with a dark purple fabri on top, and a purple, golden yellow and pink floral fabric near the bottom. The base is the solid fabric, which covers the disk-shaped bottom. The drawstring is a golden color, as is the lining. I believe the fabric is rayon.

It is in lovely condition. The dark fabric is a little uneven in tone, probably just from age. I think the varying deep wine-like tones are quite attractive.

One of a kind, and all yours for 28.00.

Vintage Quilted Bag

Vintage Patchwork Quilt Drawstring Bag

This bag is so pretty, and certainly one-of-a-kind. It tapers from top to bottom, and is composed of 84 smalll squares of fabric, each a different pattern. The outside bottom is brown, and the drawstring casing and top edge are bound with a pretty pink floral.

Inside, it is lined with a pink, blue, and green floral on the sides, and the bottom is a tiny blue floral. The drawstring cord is brown.

Laid flat, it measures 7" inches wide, by about 7 1/2" inches tall. In excellent condition, there are no issues that I see. Please click the little photo at left to see several full-size views.

Vintage Psychedelic Sewing Bag

1960s-70s Psychedelic Drawstring Bag

This drawstring bag features a wild psychdelic floral design in bright yellow, pink, purple, blue, and green. The inside, and bottom are a textured green fabric.

The orange and purple ribbons cinch the bag closed. The outside has 6 little pockets to hold spools of thread or other notions.The center bottom is reinforced; it feels like there's a circle of cardboard in there to keep the bottom flat.

The bag is in lovely condition; I find no flaws. It measures approximtely 4.5" inches tall by 8" inches in diameter, and will hold plenty.

As always, please click the small photo at left for a larger, detailed view. $15.00