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Vintage and Antique Wide Ribbons

You can click the small photos for a larger view. Please let me know if you have any questions.

There are two sections on this page:
wide silk ribbon   wide rayon ribbons


Swatches are available for most trims, just ask.

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wide antique & vintage silk ribbons

Gold Rayon Tinsel Ribbon

Stunning 4" Wide Gold Rayon Tinsel Ribbon

This beautiful, heavy ribbon is made of rayon / tinsel, and is a luminous, shimmering gold of substantial weight. Made in the USA quite a long time ago....

We have 10 yards available, at $7.50/ yard.

Wide Black Silk - Antique Ribbon

Wide Black Silk Ribbon

This black silk ribbon measures a big 2 7/8" inches wide. The edges are stitched in brown. It's still on the paper spool, which proclaims that it has a "warranted fast edge" and is "all silk."

Spool shows contact with moisture at some point, but I have inspected the ribbon thoroughly and there's no damage to it. It is rather sheer, and in in beautiful condition.

Wide Vintage Mauve Ribbon

Wide Mauve Ribbon

This beautiful ribbon is a pinky mauve, and measures 4 3/16" inch in width. It is very lustrous, and soft. The front is silky smooth, while the back is ribbed. Probably rayon.

Still on its original paper-lined spool, there are 1 yard, and 15 inches here (plus, about 6 inches on one end which shows some wear. ) A lovely ribbon for your special project.

$16 for all.

Frontline Brown Rayon Ribbon

Frontline Brown Rayon Ribbon

Gorgeous, lustrous rayon ribbon, made in Switzerland for the Frontline Millinery Company long ago. It measures 1 5/16" inches wide, and is still on the original spool, which contains 4 1/2 yards.

The color is lighter, and with more red in it than the ribbon of the same size and manufacture listed above. $19 for all.

Frontline WideBrown Rayon Ribbon

Frontline Wide Brown Rayon Taffeta Ribbon

This rayon taffeta ribbon was made in Switzerland for the Frontline Millinery Company long ago. It measures just shy of 3 inches wide, at 2 15/16", and is still on the original spool, which contains 6 yards, 17 inches. It's a very warm brown, with some red tones. Lovely.

Slight fading at edge for first few inches, and there is a factory join (sewn), 1 yard, 11 inches from one end. Though unused on the original spool, it could use a good pressing.

Wide Blue Rayon Ribbon

Wide Navy Blue Rayon Ribbon

This rayon ribbon measures a big 3 1/2" inches wide. It's navy blue, and feels wonderful to the touch. Still on the original spool, there are 3 yards, 19 inches.

$20 for the entire spool.

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